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We Don't Sleep

This music video debuted at #1 on CMT and held for 4 of its 8 week run! - Director: Brian Harstine

Show Reel 2018

A demo reel showing some of the highlights from our work at Liquid Crystal Productions.

"The Reason"

James Barre brings his new single to market with a truly unique and captivating animated music video set in an exciting animated city: animation visual design by Alejandro!


Surreal crossover of genres and artistic visual style, Director Chancellor Warhol brings a vital vision merging it all!

Live on the Honda Stage with iHeart Radio

Live video series, Liquid Crystal Productions Partnered with Honda and iHeart radio to bring one of the hottest new country acts to a whole new audience! Producer Brian Harstine/Director Jeremy Gosch

Botran Mandarin VIP Soda Commercial

the big word from the client was New and Fresh, they wanted something so cool that you had to pick up a bottle and try it and all in 10 seconds for some micro hyper marketing. animation by Alejandro!

Tuang Mobile App Explainer

Designed for the users of the Tuang Mobile app, we created a way to help the company onboard users and keep them engaged through this explainer video designed by: Alejandro Campollo

Who Sold My Generation - Levi's x Baccala Magazine

Baccala partnered with Levi's to tell the generational story of style with Director Chancellor Warhol in this artistic commercial for their readers.

"Hello Friday"

Every part of friday in miami with this hot single from Flo and Jason Derulo - Directed By Alex Acosta

Empire Music Festival

This promo used for broadcast and web promotions for the festival was built on stunning motion graphics with plenty of flare. Created by Alejandro Campollo

Rimas Promotional Graphics Package

Rimas needed something uniquely them! We developed a animation and loop package that carried the event and its promotion with style. Graphics and artistry by Alejandro Campollo


What does Flo Do with all that money? dubai, why not! Directed By Alex Acosta

Potato Frites

A bit of fun with food in this eye catching animation of the war of the potatoes. Animations by Alejandro Campollo

"Don't Say"

This is no ordinary lyric video! Amazing and unique animation of more than words, we brought to life the story by animating the artist himself! Visuals by Alejandro!

Everything's Here but You

Killing it on the Texas Charts Kaitlyn bone in strong with her recording group and a non traditional radio pick with this music video. Watch for the surprise ending. Director: Brian harstine

Free To Be

Fashion brand and designer Eden Jet needed a promo as striking and alluring as her new line, she teamed up with Director Chancellor Warhol to bring motion to her designs.

"Keep it Movin"

Breaking the Lyric video genre with this animated stunner. check out the artist animated and his dynamic visual journey. Visual Design and animation by Alejandro!


This young and super talented artist worked along side of disney to develop her career. Check out her debut video from 2012.


Kaitlyn Baker fires her first single to the top 20 CMT countdown. This video features some exciting pyrotechnics, a fiery breakup, and a show stopping car you cant miss. Director: Brian Harstine


Ever wondered how these guys cast for a video girl. Directed By: Alex Acosta

It's All Good

Terry Bradshaw and Badhorse team up in Nashville TN for this music video featuring football, tailgating, and some star stuck moments - Director: Brian Harstine


Olivia Lane's Debut country music video, launched on CMT and brought her to Big Machine. Directed by: Casey Cross

Hot Pink Cammo Dream

Art Bentleys long touring career broke into the mainstream when he teamed up with Duck Dynasty & Mountainman to release this new music video for his radio hit. Director: Brian Harstine

Don't You Wanna

Director Alex Acosta brings the LA club to the screen in this unique crossover performance from Denny & Juicy

Live Video Series, Thin Line + Little Toy Gun

HoneyHoney an LA based duo with Keipher sutherlands record label teamed up with LCP to create an organic live series to showcase their amazing talent. Video Creators Brian Harstine and Casey Cross


Noah teamed up with Director Alex Acosta to hit the desert and tear it up.